As the wife of renowned US saxophonist Clarence Clemons, Elizabeth witnessed the transformation from the early excesses of rock n roll years to a new era focused on fitness and natural wellness. During travels and tours with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band, Elizabeth learned a lot from highly knowledgeable specialists in the field of alternative health, revitalization and rejuvenation, seeing and experiencing first-hand treatments and protocols with very impressive results.

Inspired by the remarkably positive effect of these treatments and protocols on her own well-being and numerous others she has guided to health and vitality over the last 2 decades, she has dedicated herself to keeping up to date with the latest research into natural health issues and sharing this wealth of knowledge with those interested in learning more about natural health and well-being.
It has become her mission to empower others to achieve and maintain optimum health and vitality that she believes is attainable with the right lifestyle, treatments and protocols.

In pursuit of this goal, she founded The Pure Detox membership club, an exclusive community, keeping members up to date with the latest research, updates and recommendations for the ultimate in healthy living www.thepuredetox.com The Pure Detox also provides online cleansing/detox programs as well as exclusive bespoke health retreats for body and soul in Kalamata on the picturesque coastline of the Peloponnese, southern Greece.

The 7 Day Total Body Detox

The Step By Step Guide to Achieving Glowing Health & Vitality, Easily and Naturally

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