The Step By Step Guide To Glowing Health & Vitality, Easily & Naturally

Do you suffer from illness, allergies, lack of energy, health issues?
You are not alone!

Our world is becoming more toxic and so are we! The result can be seen quite clearly with a huge increase in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disease, allergies, obesity and general ill health.

This is undeniable and it’s no coincidence. Research into the results of a toxic environment are being kept from you and your protection and welfare are being eroded in favour of profits for big companies.
We need to detox now more than ever and get informed on what is happening behind the scenes. If you want to protect yourself and your love ones, please read this book.

The 7 day total body detox will give you the jump start you need to cleanse your body, raise your energy levels and feel better than you have felt for a long time. AND, by putting only 5% of the research and recommendations in this book into practice, you can help prevent disease in you and your loved ones and give yourself the super healthy future you want and deserve.

The 7 Day Total Body Detox


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The 7 Day Total Body Detox


about the author

Meet Elizabeth 

Elizabeth is a certified Live Blood Microscopist and the founder of Live Blood Online, the world’s leading experts in teaching live blood analysis and darkfield microscopy to health practitioners worldwide. She holds a diploma in Anatomy Physiology and Pathology and is certified in Biological Flow Systems Auditing (Human Flow Analytics via Biological Terrain Analysis)

Elizabeth is a certified Detox Specialist with The Jason Vale Academy UK and is currently working on her 3 Year Nutritional Therapy Diploma at The Plaskett International College.
She is a member of CMA (The Complementary Medical Association) and she lives on the coast of Southern Greece where she hosts regular detox and wellness retreats.

The 7 Day Total Body Detox


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